Eloquent Graffiti Media House


I believe that great stories are not dependent on big cameras or large crews. Great stories are born from creativity and authenticity. So I strive to make beautiful and impactful films using my own hands and with a minimalist approach to gear, maintaining the smallest possible gap between myself and the action.


Elise Goodhoofd

"Scott is a video genius. His work speaks for itself. His creativity and professionalism was evident the entire duration of the projects I've hired him for."


Jordan Axani

"I trust Scott entirely to get the right shots and, more importantly, the right story to capture our work. His videos have provided exponential returns in gaining new clients."


Production Process



What is your story? There are likely a hundred other people and businesses doing what you are doing. What makes the way you do it unique, and why do you do what you do? That’s story.

Before we start filming, a discovery workshop will help us get comfortable with one another and zero in on what your overall story, messaging and goals are.


Once we understand and can define what your story, messaging and goals are, we need to make a road map for us to achieve a masterpiece.

Using the information from our discovery workshop, we will design a precise production plan, including interview questions, desired sound bites and shot lists, creating a clear vision for the final deliverable(s).


Having done the work to realize the story, define the deliverable(s), and design a clear production plan, the actual production can now go smoothly and efficiently.

The vision we’ve created will be filmed and edited to clear specifications, and the final product will be neatly packaged and ready for you to share with the world.

Don’t need a full production?

Learn about the other services we offer.