To elevate individuals and organizations solving problems in society, nature and technology by telling honest and impactful stories of artisanship, innovation, environmentalism and adventure.


I’m Scott, a filmmaker, podcast host, cinematographer, editor and storyteller based in Toronto, Ontario.

I’ve worked professionally as a magazine writer, a college educator and a community manager, all the while maintaining my roots in visual storytelling. Now I make my living producing documentary-style videos for individuals and organizations, primarily in the realms of art, technology, education and tourism.

My passions are for innovation, environmentalism and philosophy, and my mission is to use film and storytelling to inform, engage and inspire youth to be intentional in their thought and action on these topics.

Creative Philosophy

I believe that great stories are not dependent on big cameras or large crews. Great stories are born from creativity and authenticity. So I strive to make beautiful and impactful films using my own hands and with a minimalist approach to gear, maintaining the smallest possible gap between myself and the action.


I am committed to making content that I find meaningful and creatively stimulating, and I enjoy working with individuals and organizations that are making a positive worldly impact and whom I feel I can learn from.

If you are interested in working together, I invite you to reach out to me using the form below and I will return your message as soon as possible.

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